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Astoria Oregon Sturgeon


Oregon guided fishing trips for King salmon Coho steelhead sturgeon  at Tillamook Bay Nehalem Bay Wilson Trask Hammond Warrenton, Columbia River sturgeon fishing. Buoy 10 Astoria fishing guide ocean charters for halibut tuna Oregon coast, cannon beach,, Manzanita, Garibaldi and Pacific Northwest. Alaska Salmon Halibut Charters Guides and Lodges.

Chinook Salmon - Coho Salmon
Sturgeon - Steelhead - Tuna - Halibut

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Fishing Oregon's Columbia River, Buoy 10, Pacific Ocean and North Coast Rivers and Bays.
Also Alaska Salmon Trips and Halibut Charters and Alaskan Lodging

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Providing quality fishing trips on inland and coastal streams and bays in Northwest Oregon. Including Tillamook Bay, Buoy 10, Columbia River, Willamette River and the Pacific ocean.

Trips to fit everyone's needs, young and old, beginner to experienced. Fish with pro fishing guide for trophy Chinook salmon, Coho salmon, Steelhead and Columbia River Sturgeon. "Your enjoyment and sadisfaction is our goal"

US Coast Guard Licensed

Girls first salmon adventure PRICELESS

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"Our mission -- to create memorable moments with friends, families and business partners."

"We specialize in fishing kids with parents, grandparents and family members."

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Astoria Oregon Sturgeon Guide


Young anglers show off their catch

Fall Chinook Salmon on the Nehalem River

We are a network of Oregon guides and ocean charters. We are all accomplished anglers and able to insure that our guests enjoy the best fishing that Oregon has to offer.

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Client Feedback

My wife, four kids and myself want to thank you for the great time we had fishing for sturgeon. We we're so excited to tell all of our family and friends about the two large fish we caught. Thank you for working so well with our four young children, ages 5, 7, 8 and 9. I was lucky to find you.

We look forward to more trips with your company. Thank you again.

Jerry Herrington          



We currently operate year-round, fishing the Columbia River for Salmon, Sturgeon and Steelhead. We offer drift boat Salmon and Steelhead trips on all North Coast Streams throughout the fall and winter months.

We also fish Nehalem Bay and Tillamook Bay and most Portland area rivers.

While we love fishing and especially enjoy taking families fishing together. The memories made and the life long gift of fishing to our kids is very important.

"Take a Kid Fishing Today" is our motto.

A Fishing License as well as applicable tags should be obtained prior to your trip. purchase online.

50 inch sturgeon, approximately 47 pounds

Dungness CrabWe offer Crabbing trips in season and can also have pots out during our fishing trips, for a small additional charge. Large view


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The Columbia River provides some of the best fishing in Oregon for Coho and Chinook salmon and steelhead. The Columbia River provides excellent fishing for white sturgeon averaging 30 to 80 pounds each, with oversize fish weighing as much as 400 pounds or more.

Guided Fishing in the Columbia River Gorge

Don't forget, the scenic beauty and ruggedness of the Columbia River Gorge and the wide open coastal expanse of Columbia River Estuary near Astoria. This is also a special part of our trips. So be sure to bring along your camera for some fantastic shots.

The Columbia River Gorge is a spectacular river canyon cutting the only sea-level route through the Cascade Mountain Range. It's 80 miles long and up to 4,000 feet deep with the north canyon walls in Washington State and the south canyon walls in Oregon State. The Columbia River Gorge is more than a gorgeous, natural wonder. It is also a critical transportation corridor and is home to 70,000 people.

Chinook Salmon
Of the five species of Pacific salmon, the Chinook and Coho are the most important to anglers. The two are often found in the same waters and pursued in much the same way, but the Chinook is the larger of the two and highly prized among anglers. The Columbia River Gorge is a prime area to target Chinook salmon. When hooked, Chinook like to slug it out, while Coho's are acrobatic and quick.

Chinook are also known as the king salmon or spring salmon, sometimes misspelled as samon. Chinook salmon are powerful swimmers that migrate hundreds of miles up northwest rivers to their spawning grounds, and they can grow huge. The rod-and-reel world record was taken in Alaska's Kenai River in 1985 and weighed 97 pounds, 4 ounces. Most fish caught by northwest anglers, however, range from 15 to 40 pounds. At the end of a fishing line, Chinooks are absolute brutes - hard-running, stubborn fighters that will give you all the challenge you can handle, and sometimes more.

Starting in March, the Spring Chinook are the most desired of all the fish for their excellent taste. The average fish weighs 15-20 pounds. Then in August the Upriver Brights make their way upriver, they are hard fighting and a joy to catch. By mid to late September, Fall Chinook are present. The largest of the salmon species, the Fall Chinook, will certainly get your heart pounding. Coho Salmon enter our rivers in September, a great fish to eat and catch.

We will use a variety of techniques depending on water conditions and the river fished. Some of the techniques include; back-bouncing bait, hovering, bobber-bait, drift fishing, pulling plugs and back trolling plugs or bait. Salmon trips


White Sturgeon
Sturgeon are always on tap for Catch & Release on the Lower Columbia River. But Oregon sets seasons for retention of these special prehistoric game fish. Common Names: Pacific sturgeon, Oregon sturgeon, Columbia sturgeon, and Sacramento sturgeon. Sometimes misspelled as sturgen.

White sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish in North America and can weigh over 1,500 pounds, be 20 feet in length, and live for over 100 years. Anadromous white sturgeon most commonly move into large rivers like the Columbia River in early spring, and spawn May through June.

White sturgeon are tough fighters -- so make sure you are ready to do battle. Many days we will catch and release over 25 fish. If your lucky enough to be here on a retention date you will quickly become a coinsure of the best eating fish there is. If you like Halibut its a sure thing you'll love Sturgeon.

A significant economic and cultural resource throughout the Northwest, white sturgeon recently became a popular target fishery with major commercial landings in the Columbia River. In fact, Columbia River sturgeon production, with its valuable roe for caviar, is second only to the former Soviet Union's production.

The Columbia River Gorge is also the site of an intense sport fishery, as is the San Joaquin Delta in California and the Willapa Bay in Washington where guided fishing trips are popular. The white sturgeon is also an important fish for Native American fishermen on the Columbia and Klamath rivers. Sturgeon trips

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